1. nullcon HackIM 2024 is a web-based Jeopardy CTF. You do not need a dedicated server or a VPN environment in order to participate.
  2. The CTF starts at 09:30 UTC on March 14th and ends at 11:00 UTC on March 15th.
  3. Feel free to join our Discord community to chat and ask any questions. We will use Discord as our primary communication channel.
  4. Do not attack the CTF infrastructure! All challenges will be very clear on what their endpoint is. No high-traffic / resource-intensive techniques are required if not explicitly stated otherwise.
  5. The flag format is ENO{...}, e.g., ENO{th1s_is_4n_eXample}.
  6. Sharing flags with other teams is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a ban.
  7. If you think you have a valid flag that the system rejects or find a bug in the contest infrastructure, please contact us.
  8. We use dynamic scoring. All challenges are worth 500 points in the beginning and will decrease in value with the number of solves. Changes in points are applied retroactively, i.e., solving a challenge early will not give you a major advantage (but will be used as a tie breaker).
  9. Provide a valid email address to be eligible for prizes.
  10. Violation of rules will result in a ban. Banned teams or individuals are not eligible for prizes.
  11. If you are not sure if something is a violation of the rules, please ask :)

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This CTF is brought to you by ENOFLAG.